Frequently Asked Questions


Will there be an assistant/technician on site and for how long are they staying?

Yes, fully trained on-site assistant is included and are there from setup to tear down. The technician is there to assist guests and operate the booth for the duration of the rental period and troubleshoot if there are any technical problem.

Are your photobooths user-friendly?

All your guests need to do is go in front of the booth, touch the screen and strike a pose. There will be a series of  3 or 4 shots and there will be prompts on the screen as to when to pose for the next shot. If anyone needs help, our on-site assistant ready to give a hand.

Is there a limit to the number of pictures we can take at my event?

We offer unlimited trips/session for the duration of the rental period. That means get back in line as many times as you want.

What if I want extra paper prints of the photos?

We want you and your guests to have as many photos as possible to enjoy the experience. Get back in line and you can take another picture or use our Social (iPad) Station to instantly Email or Text (SMS) your photos! We have unlimited photo sessions and  everyone in the picture can get a  printed copy if they want. Meaning if there are 2 persons in the photo we will print 2, if there are 6 persons in the photo we will print up to 6 copies maximum. Contact us for pricing.

How much setup time is needed?

We usually arrive at the venue 1 hour before the agreed start time to set up the photobooth. These 1 hour prior (ingress)  is not included in your rental period and are not billable. So if your event/rental period starts at 6 pm, our team is at the venue at around 5 pm to set up. Please make sure the venue knows that we will be there to avoid delays in setting up.

How much area does the booth need?

The bigger the space the better! Ideal space is 10ft x 10ft, but we have setup on a 5ft x 5ft space before. Please allow additional space for your guests to gather. If you opted for a guestbook, we will need an extra space for a small table for that. 

How many people can fit into the booth?

From up to 5 people comfortably – and with a bit of creativity and camera adjustment we can fit quite a few more. Our record was 25 plus!

What areas do you cover?

We provide photo booth service in Calgary and surrounding areas. For Canmore, Banff and Lake Louise and other areas please note that extra travel fee and/or other expenses may be required. Please contact us for more details.

What if I have to cancel my booking?

If your event is postponed or cancelled at least 90 days prior to the agreed date of service, your deposit can be transferred to another event date and time. If made less than 90 days prior to your event, your deposit will be forfeited.

Do I still need to pay anything else during the event?

None, unless there are damages done on our booth and props during your rental period. Or if you want to add extra hours after your contracted photo booth rental. Please contact us for more details.

Where is the right spot to set-up the Photobooth?

Because of the portability of our design, our booths can be transported and set up anywhere – indoors or outdoors - as long as there is a dedicated power outlet within 10 feet and weather-permitting. For outdoor event you need to provide a tent/shade and it must be on a stable/flat surface (ground). Please avoid putting us near to large/loud speakers due to vibrations and noise.

I want to book you for my event, do I have to pay a deposit?

We ask for a non-refundable deposit fee of 50% of the rental fee when you book, this can be paid by either cash, cheque, or Interac (email payment transfer). The remainder balance of 50% should be paid 30 days before the event.

Can we have the party information and/or company logo printed on the pictures?

We customize the print layout to your liking. For wedding we usually match the wedding invation design. If it is corporate events or other social events, we can put text, images, company logo or use the color and fonts that you want.

I still have more questions, how can I reach you?

Please feel free to give us a call at 403-606-0609   or Email Us.

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